1 1/2 Jews

We Shut Down Koreatown



We finally have a theme song!! Do you think it's okay to shit where you eat? AKA date someone you work with.   In "We Shut Down Koreatown" the most recent episode, the 1 1/2 Jews discuss their trips away and catch tf up!!  Some may say this is just a simple ep of the pod with #PrimeContent, others may say "where on Earth is this going?" Tune in to find out how we mourn the loss of our landlord, as well as get to the nitty gritty of the past 2 weeks of our lives! xoxo,  Dom and Car  P.S. Throw a follow to @dominiquedruckman @carlyarin @one_and_a_half_jews and @elikronmusic (our master music-mixer-beat-boxer-creative extraordinaire) on IG for updates and more #PrimeContent