Heroes Never Die: An Overwatch Podcast

207 - Swole Soul



Join Totemlydrunk and Edanar on Episode 207 as the hosts sit down to discuss the crowd control reduction changes in the experimental card, Echo's ban causes an uproar, troubling Titans, and more! As always we would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to shoot us a message via email, discord, or twitter. Thanks again for tuning in! Join us on Discord: https://discord.me/owlnshow    AGENDA Kaplan on next dev update CC: Experimental card details Echo is BANNED What's happening in Vancouver? Dragons bolster their coaching staff OWL coaches' top teams rankings OWL Online Play (Week 12) Preview   Closing Notes Reviews Show some support for the show by giving us a review over on iTunes or your podcasting app of choice. Any feedback or constructive criticism is always welcomed. It’ll offer us insight and how we can make for a better listening experience for you.    OVERWATCH RECALL You can find a listing of several Overwatch, Overwatch League, and Path to Pro podcasts over on our website at http://owlnshow.co