Retro Theology

Special Episode 3: Part 2 - Crisis? Word of Faith and the Covid-19



Date: 25th of April 2020. PART 2/3.  Hosts: Daniel Mämecke, Olof Schelin and Cris Araya. The special episodes are back! This time we are going to address the current situation that the world is in right now with the Corona virus pandemic. Will this crisis also become a crisis for certain movements within christianity? Will the theology of faith healers be exposed? Will the word of faith preachers start to reevaluate their doctrines? And so on. Many questions will be raised as people really struggle with a lot of suffering in these times. We just wanted to share our thoughts and try to give people a helping hand in dealing with these topics theologically and also to provide some encouraging thoughts. Down below we provide links to the sources and material we use in the episode so that you guys can look things up for yourself and make up your own opinion.  Bethel Church - Olive is the "First Fruit" Bethel Church - Olive is the "First Fruit" #2