Juicebox Podcast: Type 1 Diabetes

#326 Medtronic 670G Insulin Pump



Scott and Jenny Smith, CDE do an overview of life with the Medtronic 670G insulin pump.  Show notes for people who are Bold with Insulin > Find out more about the Dexcom CGM > Get an Omnipod Demo today  > CONTOUR NEXT ONE smart meter and CONTOUR DIABETES app > Learn about Touched By Type 1 Merch price reduction! A full list of our sponsors   Private Facebook group for listeners About Jenny Smith Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Biology from the University of Wisconsin. She is a Registered (and Licensed) Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Certified Trainer on most makes/models of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems. You can reach Jenny at jennifer@integrateddiabetes.com How to listen, disclaimer and more Apple Podcasts> Subscribe to the podcast today! The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, iHeartRadio Radio Public and all Android devices The show is now available as an Alexa skill. My type 1 diabetes parenting blog Arden's Day Listen to