Choice Conversations

Making the world a better place AND having fun along the way!



I was recently a guest on "Let's Jazz It Up" with Brenda Moss, aka Mz Moss, aka Lady Diva.  During the interview, I tell her how I weave my passion for music with my life's purpose: to grow and to help other grow.   You too can make the world a better place while having fun along the way! Give it a listen, and let me know what you think in the comment section below! ***** Follow me here: Youtube -   Facebook -  Twitter -  Bandcamp -  Podcast -  ***** Follow Lady Diva  ***** key words (For SEO purposes. Please disregard) Zen, Zen Large, Zenlarge, Zen Large Show, Zenlarge Show, Zen Life, Zen Heads, Zenlarge Nation, Zen Large Nation, Choice Conversations, Personal Development, self help, self improvement, self-help, self-improvement, growth mindset, heal