Double X Science

Mothers, Blood, and Whales



Welcome to Double X Science for May 18, 2013. This week's hosts are Adrienne Roehrich, chemistry editor, and Jeffrey Perkel, tech editor. Our topics cover posts of the week, Dominants, alphas, and queens: Happy Mother’s Day!; Thanks, Mom, for not eating me; The Fatherhood Adjustment; Old Ovaries? New eggs? Hatching a Debate; Disabled; Mammograms; and Depressing Genes, I Am Mental Illness series post. We also covered Double X Science Jr posts about Development of Critical Thinking Outside of School; Blood Plasma Resembles Ketchup!; and Scrapyard Adventures. News of the week was about the 14-year old girl presenting her science fair project on iPads and defibrillators/pace makers at a cardiology conference. You can find this week's posts at: