Double X Science

Brainbows, Salmon Migration, and iPads and Defibrillators



Welcome to Double X Science for May 10, 2013. This week's hosts are Adrienne Roehrich, chemistry editor, and Emily Willingham, editor-in-chief. Our topics cover posts of the week, Unicorns and Brainbows, A Tour of Digestion from Nose to Um... Tail, About that Pacifier Study, That deadly, imported, meningitis-toting snail? Isn’t., and the I Am Mental Illness post of the week. We also covered Double X Science Jr posts about Bon Voyage, NEOSSat! and The mystery of salmon migration and magnetism. News of the week was about the 14-year old girl presenting her science fair project on iPads and defibrillators/pace makers at a cardiology conference. You can find this week's posts at: