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Welcome to Double X Science for April5, 2013. This week's hosts are Adrienne Roehrich, chemistry editor, and Jeanne Garbarino, biology editor. We have a double length podcast for you this week. We began our podcast with an in-depth discussion of what drew Jeanne and Adrienne to science and what helped keep our interest there. Our topics cover posts of the week, including An obituary fail of the Finkbeiner test, The average human vagina, What is a beating embryonic heart?, A robotic hysterectomy is more expensive, but is it better?, and Plan B now available to younger teens. Our featured discussion covered the post Evidence Based Parenting Carnival. We also covered Double X Science Jr posts about mistakes leading to cool science, technology, and inventions that we use every day and the advertisements Science World. Our news this week focused on recent news on science publishing by the Nature publishing group and honeybees and pollination. You can find the posts at: