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Untangling Zoom's Security Issues, Contact Tracing & End to End Encryption with Kenneth White



The misinformation spread during the COVID-19 pandemic has made what happened with the 2016 U.S. elections look like the “good old days.” Epidemiologists are on center stage trying to explain complex topics to billions of people concerned for their lives-- and sometimes politicians are aiming to do the same. The multiplier effect is how hopelessly entangled challenging technical issues like end to end encryption and contact tracing via bluetooth on mobile phones are now also being publicly debated.The most natural reaction? Confusion. Kenn White is here to help.During our 60 minute conversation with Kenn, Jack and Dave go past the headlines trumpeting Zoom’s security issues in an attempt to lay bare the real issues with their recent missteps.  Their initially misleading claims around end to end (E2E) encryption is our primary focus, but before diving deep into Zoom, Kenn explains exactly how hard it is to make it work by describing his 2 year journey to deliver E2E encryption at MongoDB. We pull apart the rem