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LCC Games Podcast - Ep. 20 - All Change



We've slightly updated the format of the show to make it snappier, hipper and more productive! Please tell us what you think of the new format by leaving a comment.Omar quizzes us on ESRB ratings, Tarik greenlights a discussion about Steam's efforts to help indie developers and Sam reveals he doesn't want any more shaders. After all of which, they talk about Contre Jour.Remember to subscribe in iTunes and please leave a comment or e-mail us letting us know what you think.<p><p>Gadget Google - Lecteur multimédia de Google -</p></p> Download the MP3 directly.Add the Podcast feed to your RSS reader.Subscribe using iTunes.Hosts: Sam Barker, Omar Bobat, Tarik Bensaria, Dominic Aldridge.Music: