Motel Hell

BDMFT #27: The Best Records of 2016



The COVID plague might be slowing Motel Hell down but it hasn't stopped it! This week Dick Fetti pontificates about his favorite records from 2016. There's a heavy emphasis on the light and breezy, but some more obscure pics too. Lots of good recommendations for summer weather. Come check it out! Best of 2016: Blood Incantation - Starspawn CD/LP - Dark Descent Homemade Weapons & Red Army - Sleep Terror EP 12" - Samurai Lust For Youth - Compassion CD/LP - Sacred Bones Rihanna - ANTI CD/LP - Westbury Road Schoolboy Q - Blank Face CD/LP - Top Dawg Technical Itch - Souls of Impatience EP 12" - Tech Itch Recordings Ulcerate - Shrines of Paralysis CD/LP - Relapse