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3 friends TALK 030 - The Doc & the Survivor with Dr. Nneka & Trina T



Hello, Hello, Hello, friends! During the month of May, we felt it was our duty as healthcare advocates to ensure to spotlight Lupus Awareness.  We decided to not only feature a healthcare provider but to also give the patient perspective.  Dr. Nneka Ichoku offers her expertise as a board-certified osteopathic family physician with training in medical acupuncture, and her take on treating and advocating for Lupus patients.  Ms. Trina Terrell is a Lupus SURVIVOR and warrior in the fight for Lupus awareness support.  Check out this awesome episode and these strong ladies as they share the partnership between patient/provider in disease management of Lupus. Connect with Dr. Nneka www.facebook.com/victorioustouchacupuncture www.instagram.com/victoriousworkingmom Connect with Trina  TrinaT66@gmail.com www.instrgam.com/trina66 Connect with 3 friends TALK www.instgram.com/3friendsTALK www.facebook.com/3friendsTALK