Mijk Van Dijk Dj Sets

Mijk van Dijk DJ-Set for WonderfulRave, 2020-04-25



Everybody’s streaming and so do I, every once in a while. My booking agency Classic DJ asked me to contribute to their Wonderful Rave program and so I played this vinyl DJ set straight from my living room, with only Mijk tracks from the past. With a few surprises, rarities, remixes I did, remixes I’ve received and of course some of the usual suspects, all glued together with two turntables and a mixer. Not just an ordinary mixer though, but the spankin’ new glorious Pioneer DJM-V10, that I reviewed already for Bonedo. Here’s my set for you to rewind. Enjoy! If you prefer video, here’s YouTube 4 U: https://youtu.be/fsDriauaDBU Please refer here for the PLAYLIST https://microglobe.de/mijk-plays-mijk-for-wonderful-rave/