Elie's Coffee Talks

#24 Melanie Kovacs



Melanie is the founder of Master21 academy the first coding school in Switzerland! Their mission is to empower people to shape the digital world and to educate people who work with software developers to speak the same language. She sold the company a few months ago and already has many ideas about what to do next, among other things she will start a podcast in July about Joyful learning! She just graduated from the Thnk Program in Amsterdam and shares her experience at the beginning of the podcast. The program helped her understand who she was, how the others were and to stand up for herself. From there on we talk about: Julia Cameron and her amazing Morning Pages and Shadow Careers Improv wisdom with Patricia Ryan Madson The habit of writing with Steven Pressfield Melanie’s writing routine Inspiration vs routine Self sabotage What she wanted to do when she grows up when she was still a kid Art as therapy Her studies, first jobs and projects Synchronicities The steps to build a company We wonder if work