Frozen Nerdz - A Blizzard Entertainment Discussion Podcast

Frozen Nerdz Episode 303



Welcome to Episode 303 of Frozen Nerdz Podcast. I’m Kilroy and I’m Epic Insanity, and we are the hosts of your Blizzard Entertainment discussion podcast. As your hosts, we just want to say thank you for tuning in for another exciting episode. On this week's episode of Frozen Nerdz Podcast we are covering your weekly Frozen Nerdz News Report, then we jump into a discussion on the Diablo 4 Quarterly update followed by a Heroes of the Storm community run art contest.  We stop in for some laughs at our own expense as we discuss our Fails of the Week. Then we close out the show discussing pressing issues in the Warcraft and gaming community, then we take a brief look into the profession systems of Shadowlands and end our discussion segment with a talk about how bots are impacting the Chinese market. Before we kick off the show a reminder about stream times Mondays always over on at 9-11pm Eastern 6-8pm Pacific.  Become a Patron today for as little as $1 per month!