Cwcm Podcast

Ep 18 - Stephanie Mills



Today’s episode features an interview that’s not only empowering and good for the mind, but grounding and good for the heart. Seth Bernard has a moving conversation with bioregionalist Stephanie Mills. For nearly fifty years, Stephanie Mills has been writing and speaking for nature and community. She is a prolific published author, an adjunct professor, and has served on countless boards, from that of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America to her local natural foods co-op. In 2009 She was awarded an honorary doctorate by her alma mater. The citation called her “a visionary ecological activist and pioneering bioregionalist whose unswerving advocacy for the preservation of our shared planet and powerful message of personal responsibility teach us that a single voice can transform the world.” She volunteers with local nature education and nonviolence groups. Her occasional writing, which appears on the website, extols the work of natural scientists and the organisms, ecosystems, and waters