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3 friends TALK 034 - Dr. Delwin, The Swole Pharmacist on the Path to be the Next Mr. OLYMPIA!



    Hey Friends!! On this special Father's Day episode, we had a jam-packed episode with our Super "Swole" friend Dr. Delwin. He's a Pharmacist and Novice Body Builder on his way to compete in his first fitness competition. Dr. Delwin graduated with his PharmD from Xavier University of Louisiana and is now an accomplished Managed Care Pharmacist. Not only is he sharing crucial info for students and pharmacists to start a career in managed care, but how to follow your passions. Dr. Delwin is passionate about health, wellness, and physique. With motivation and heart, hear how he is taking his physique to another level!!   Click the link to connect with Dr. Delwin on Instagram   Click the link to connect with 3 friends TALK on Instagram