Smart For A Black Girl

Episode 5: Discursive Injustice: The Power in Language & Authority x Social Identities



What are the implications when Social Identities intersect with the Power in Language & Authority? When I walk into a college classroom as a BLACK FEMALE instructor, I have to prove why I’m qualified to be there, even after 4 college degrees— the same does not ring true for my White peers, especially males. Why? In this segment, Al & I explore the intricacies of the philosophy behind power, authority, language along with intersectionality. (Even the impact on/of social media!) Al is a 5th year PhD candidate in Philosophy & Also the president of my Mizzou’s graduate student government. His research examines the social philosophy of language, particularly on why members of marginalized groups sometimes lack authority to successfully carry out speech acts like ordering and recommending, despite their having institutional credentials that should be sufficient to allow them to give an order. The main idea is that some people face barriers even after entering positions of power. This work provide