Smart For A Black Girl

Episode 2: Identities as Risk Factors.



- Why are aspects of my identity risk factors against me, my well-being and the quality of my life? - Why are Black Females the least protected group?. - We often hear and talk about the school to prison pipeline and the effects on Black boys and men as if there’s no impact on Black girls & Black women. Why? - Black girls and Black women are severely impacted by numerous racial disparities. Not only do they share these experiences with Black men and boys, they have additional struggles that only a black female would know, much less understand. Why is this? - Why am I only seen or celebrated if I conform to white middle-class femininity? - Why are black Women often seen as less than? - Understanding black female experiences aid in increased consciousness where our femininity is seen as inferior. This is what underlies exploitation & criminalization of Black girls. - Black women are subject to public scrutiny constantly that affects our ability to thrive & shape our identity, get opportunities, su