Hangout With Heather

Yahto Kraft releases new single ‘Washed Away’ and Reach For A Dream’s ‘Slipper Week’



Niche Radio — It’s a brand new month, and what better way to start that off than with brand new music and some new brand ideas and innovations too? This week Heather chats to the talented young singer, Yahto Kraft, who has just released a brand new single called ‘Washed Away’ that features some really powerful lyrics that we can all take something away from. The Top 10 Miss South Africa contestants were announced this week, this is one product that keeps innovating and blazing trails and Heather cannot wait to watch the finale in October – but there are loads more news coming before then, so do stay tuned! Reach for A Dream have innovated with their ‘Slipper Week’ which is next week and encourages you to not only donate but snap a selfie of yourself in your slippers and you can also win with Wimpy – a great way to keep the dreams of youngsters with terminal illnesses alive, even during the lockdown, well done! Get hands-on in the kitchen this weekend with a tasty pancake recipe thanks to the team fr