Precious Lives

#099 Precious Lives: A Pediatric Surgeon’s Plea To End Gun Deaths in Milwaukee



Well over a decade ago, pediatric surgeon Dr. John Densmore and his wife bought their first home. He had just started his residency at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. "You know what I remember fondly about it was that people looked out for each other," Densmore says. For instance, he’d come home after a long shift to find his walk shoveled. But, there were problems. "I remember on a run by a park near that house one day that a Hmong kid had been shot," he says. "Sort of being dumbstruck that that could happen so close to where I was living." Up until that point, Densmore had only encountered gunshot wound victims in the hospital. More than a decade later, two miles from Dr. Densmore’s first home - near 73rd and Mill road, there was another shooting. A shooting between two drug dealers. Darmequaye Cohill sold heroin. Kwesen Sanders stole Cohill’s cellphone number. He got it off Facebook and had Virgin Mobile make it his own. So, when Cohill’s clients wanted to buy they reached Sanders