Precious Lives

#089 Precious Lives: The 'Fighting' Team Copes With a Teammate's Death



Precious Lives picks up where it left off last week with Coach Eric Moore. He coaches in a summer basketball league called Warning Project Respect. And he’s earned himself a reputation throughout the league as the “crying coach.” Coach held in his tears after years after his best friend and basketball teammate John Wess was killed back when they were teenagers. That trauma had major consequences on Coach - there was prison time, suicidal thoughts and more violence. But, he was able to turn things around. LISTEN: Precious Lives: The Crying Coach Now he’s trying to help his 13- and 14-year-old players let their emotions out in a healthy way because last year they lost a teammate - 13-year-old Giovonnie Cameron. And while Coach Moore is known as the crying coach... his players are known as “the the fighting team.” Corresponding Content: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Precious Lives: Team comes back for new season after loss of teammate The Warning league is run by Running Rebels . If you