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The Cyber Career Doctor Is In: An Interview With Kathleen Smith



If you’ve been laid off, furloughed or are just plain tired of everything, this episode is for you. Kathleen Smith, the longstanding cyber career expert at B-Sides (and beyond) joins us for a dialogue on what’s happening in the security job landscape. Lost your job? Kathleen explains a tried and true process for recovery, reflection and finding your next gig. Not to mention a few surprising options for those who aren’t afraid of a little adventure, such as the military reserves or a job in one of the often overlooked national laboratories.In a rare moment of good news this year, Kathleen explains how COVID-19 has driven an increase in cyber security jobs both in the government and commercial sectors in response to a recent increase in threat activity.  If you’re willing to put in the extra effort (and put down your cannabis), she also describes what it takes to score a government clearance and gain access to an entirely new pool of opportunities.Once a coveted perk, remote work has blown the job market wide o