Lifestyled Club - The Podcast

Episode 7 - Amelia Sordell



One of the reasons LifeStyled Club founders - Helen Drury & Maggie Devine-Inman, wives of former professional footballers - created LifeStyled Club the Podcast, was to help bring awareness to the mental health problems that can often occur during and after life in football. Former professional footballer Marvin Sordell is a big advocate for mens mental health and a supporter of LifeStyled Club, appreciating what has been created for the wives and partners of footballers and the voice given to this community. As a successful footballer, Marvin experienced the highs and lows that the industry brings including racism and misconceptions. He suffered depression for many years during his career, and at his lowest, attempted suicide due to the struggles of his mental health. Throughout his career, he credits his wife Amelia for her love and support. We often hear the story of football from a players perspective, but on this podcast we hear from the partner - a players closest support system - to hear her importa