Help! I Am Artist Podcast

Building Meaningful Art Connections



'Your art and your art business is only as strong as your ability to connect that what you are making with others.' If you have chosen that bold step to take your creativity seriously and transform your art into revenue streams, you know better than anybody else that your creative endeavours start and end with you.  If you don't get going and make the work, your art will simply not get done! With 7.8 billion people on the planet, each with unique traits and personalities, it's safe to say we are all different. Not one single human is the same. We all have specific needs and wants. Are you clear about your artistic needs? Do you know why your art is important and what drives you to make it? Many creatives head straight into a burn-out because their inner needs don't align with their outer goals. The more you feel connected with yourself, the better you will understand of what you need to stay motivated, inspired and productive. In this podcast we will be looking at 3 specific area's in which artists can build