Cwcm Podcast

Ep 20 - Rachel Marco-Havens



On this, our 20th episode, we feature a dear friend who has brought so much to our community. Rachel Marco-Havens is a multi-disciplinary “solutionary” artist. Rachel is an advocate, activist, radio-show host, musician and an adept communicator who ignites action. Be it facilitating workshops, sharing stories, creating art, delivering a keynote, moderating or participating in a panel discussion or whipping up a party—Rachel moves the energy from the ripples of conversation to waves of inspired activity. Seth Bernard, Rachel's long time friend, sat down with her for a conversation about how becoming a water protector changed her life. /// State of Water is a program of the Michigan-based non-profit organization Title Track, and is powered by the Clean Water Campaign for Michigan. The podcast is made possible through a generous contribution from the Esperance Foundation. /// EPISODE 20 / Rachel Marco-Havens interviewed by Seth Bernard / Produced, edited and mixed by Dan Rickabus / Narrators - Alex Smith,