Help! I Am Artist Podcast

A Fresh Take on Social Media - Artist Strategies that will Surprise You



The Internet has changed everything.  There has never been a more exciting time for artists to share and sell their work online. Even in these extraordinary times the internet has made it possible for artists to stay in business, connecting what they love to do with a receptive art audience willing to pay it’s worth.   ‘I work with artists that have sold more in the pandemic than any other time in their careers.’    Encouraging words from today’s special guest.  For many years this enterprising young woman helped international brands make the transition from the offline to the online space.  When the pandemic hit Stefanie Idrobo decided to help her artist friends and use all her marketing insights and online expertise to get their art seen and heard!  She created a platform that not only showcases inspiring, emerging artists but informs collectors how they can best invest in art.   Stefanie joined me from a beautiful location in Quito, Ecuador where she shares valuable tips and online strategies for artists,