Grey Muzzle Geekery's Podcast

Episode 063: One More Grey Whisker



Welcome to Episode 063, for September 21st, 2020!Then, White and Red dive into more geeky news about a 38 year old game of D&D, and being a 'Chief Exploration Officer' for Michelob Ultra.Then we go full casual with some chatting about LARPing and the like with some listener questions and tall tales from your talkative tails!There's always someone willing to listen at The Suicide Prevention Life Line.Or call: 800-273-8255Support us on Patreon!Watch us on Twitch!Like us on Facebook!         Follow us on Twitter!         Peek in on Instagram!       Chat with us on Discord!Subscribe to us on YouTube!     Find this week's Video Episode on Twitch at: special thanks to fellow Patreon member 'Pepper Coyote' for letting us use the song 'Drive' for our new intro theme!