Half Mystic Radio

VIII. Without the Lead of Sunlight



Season I, episode VIII of Half Mystic Radio features Alvin Pang's poems "Untitled", "What It is Like to Go Blind Slowly", and "Humming (For Pooja)", and Daniel Gallie's song "Coming Home". #halfmysticspeaks Half Mystic is an independent publishing house, literary journal, radio show, and arts organisation dedicated to the celebration of music in all its forms. You can find the full show notes, including the text of the piece featured in this episode, at: http://halfmystic.com/blog/hmr-i-viii Alvin Pang is an internationally active poet and editor from Singapore. Featured in the Oxford Companion to Modern Poetry in English and the Penguin Book of the Prose Poem, he has been published in more than twenty languages, including Swedish and Croatian. His latest book is WHAT HAPPENED: Poems 1997-2017. Daniel Gallie listens for the melody that lies within the heart of every good poem, the voice in music that moves the heart, and the harmony of their union when they dance as one