Half Mystic Radio

VII. When Angels Dress For Senior Prom



Season I, episode VII of Half Mystic Radio features Erin Moran's poems "For Matthew", "When Angels Dress For Senior Prom", and "For Jan", and LYON's song "Le Jardin Zoologique de Nuit". #halfmysticspeaks Half Mystic is an independent publishing house, literary journal, radio show, and arts organisation dedicated to the celebration of music in all its forms. You can find the full show notes, including the text of the piece featured in this episode, at: http://halfmystic.com/blog/hmr-i-vii Erin Moran is a Philadelphia-based poet, freelance journalist, bookstore babe and recent graduate of Temple University. You can find her on Twitter or Instagram. LYON is the instrumental music project of Andrew Morgan. Modern classical, astral jazz, and experimental works inhabit a space inspired by the imagination of creators like David Axelrod, Alice Coltrane, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Air, and Alexandre Desplat. Collaborators include French author Pierre Ducrozet, poet Candice Wuehle, an