Still Under Wraps

Another Earth



Colin awakens from his slumber, and skips a meal, to take one for the team in recording this episode - but fails miserably in being at all coherent, or ruthless enough in editing the dross from the recording. Thomas makes some cruel, but fair, decisions on a matter that may rock the very delicate balance of the universe, in more ways than one.   Join in the fun by joining the Facebook Group Still Under Wraps ; a search on Facebook should find it, or you can grab this cumbersome link: Find our current Leader Board and guesses so far for "What's on the Shelf" at And if you want to listen to Thomas do his own unauthorised spin-off Podcast discussing (maybe) the exact same viewing of this film, sign up to Uninhibited Meat Noises  (if only to find out why it's called that!) at Colin uses the My Movies app to keep track of his DVDs and Blu-rays, and to filter and select those that