Help! I Am Artist Podcast

Why you can Make the Coolest Art but Still not Earn a Dime



There is a reason why many parents discourage their children to attend art school. They have simply seen too few examples of happy, healthy, working artists. Statistic tell us that being a working artist, earning a living with your creativity, is the most difficult profession to be successful in.  Why is it so difficult to make living with your creativity? In this episode we will be looking at the economics behind the art business. The more understanding you have of the art market, the better prepared you are to make the necessary changes, so that you can do what you love to do and get paid for it! You can make the coolest art but this doesn't guarantee an income. If you're wanting to generate a revenue stream with your creativity you must be willing to be more than an artist. You need to adopt a business frame of mind. Building an art business is not a passive thing. Setting up those structures around your creativity takes intentional thought, strategic steps and bold, brave moves. Discover which of these 5