Soulfully Awakened

E109: Firey Channeling: Stop Telling Others HOW or WHAT to Think



Whew!  Today's episode was most def a FIREY channeling that was being guided by Goddess Kali Ma.  I could literally feel here speaking through me as I began to hit record.  This is something that has been on my heart, but I couldn't quite articulate it into I was guided to take this to a podcast episode. This may be a triggering podcast for some or maybe not. Maybe you feel this way too.  It may piss some off and maybe it won't win me friends, but I had to share this truth that was flowing through my entire channel.  What do I mean by truth?  I mean MY unique perspective.  That is what truth is to me.   So, listen to this with an open heart and let it activate what it will. AND remember, I love you. Hugs, N