Peace Of Mind

Stop Being a SAVAGE ‼️



#SAVAGE: Searching Anxiously and Vicariously for Answers to General Explanations It’s time we stop being a savage; that’s someone who is rude, uncivilized, wild and untamed trying to look for answers to things we do not need to chase after. Ever since my fiancé called off our engagement I’ve had time to sit with myself, God, my Arc angels and understand that what’s for me will be. The answers I need will come to me at the right time, the things and people that need to be in my life will stay. So instead of running around crying, being angry, looking for answers by trying to place yourself in another person’s shoes or a different perspective just live. Let the answers some to you. Like Brent Faiyaz said, “Money gets lost when you go chase it” which is so true. Let whats yours come to you in the way it’s supposed to come to you.