Peace Of Mind

Enjoying Entrepreneurship: Genya Evans, Founder & CEO of The Pen2Pad Agency LLC



Hey Hey Peace Maker,  This episode of Enjoying Entrepreneurship features Genya Evans the Founder & CEO of The Pen2Pad Agency LLC. Genya shifts our minds so that we can see personal assistants as an act of selflessness and not as slave work. She tells us how her family and life experiences have shaped her to be the well-rounded woman that she is. Listen to her story.  #KeepSocial with Genya:   Follow Genya on IG: @GTheAssistant  Follow The Pen2Pad Agency LLC on IG: @PenTwoPad  Email address:  #KeepItSocial:    Peace Of Mind, L.L.C. IG: @Your_PeaceOfMind   The Soul Koach IG: @TheSoulKoach  Peace Of Mind, L.L.C. Twitter: @KeepSmilingPom   The Soul Koach Twitter: @TheSoulKoach ' YouTube Channel: Email address: --- Send in a voice message: