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Enjoying Entrepreneurship: Cheyenne & Bernard, Co-Founders & Co-Owners of Fun-Diggity Funnel Cakes



 Hey Hey Peace Makers, * This episode of Enjoying Entrepreneurship is about Cheyenne & Bernard a couple from Compton who used funnel cakes to pay for college and everyday living. Both Compton natives used their love for funnel cakes to become renowned all around the world; most of us only think about funnel cakes when it’s time for the fair. They’ve changed this stigma because they sell them year ‘round. Listen in to see what the couple has planned for Fun-Digity Funnel Cakes ! * * (Our new intro for this month is, Clay Hodges- Mary’s Lamb: )  Follow Clay on IG: @ClayDoe912   * * Foods for your mental from Ari:  No inflammation foods Ariane Attacks Your Mental:  Follow Ariane on IG: @ArianeArtistry Ariane's Poetry: * * #KeepSocial with Fun-Diggity Funnel Cakes:   Follow Fun-Diggity on IG: @FDFunnelCakes Email address: Yelp Page:  https://www.