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Beyond The Uniform: The Reid’s, Kalia & Kris Reid



Hey hey Peace Makers! ☀️   This episode is about two of my close friends, Kris and his wife Kalia who are US Army Veterans who recently transitioned from active duty to the civilian world. The Reid's tell us about what it's like to be married young, owning a home under 25 years old, their interest in photography and sneakers and much more. Both Kalia and Kris drop hella gems on personal development and their views on growth and development as a couple which can come in handy. Sit back, listen and get to know The Reid's :) #KeepItSocial with The Reid's:   Business IG: @K.KVisuals @KaliaReid.Photography @TheKrisReidPhoto Personal IG: @TheLocShorty @TheKrisReid Twitter: @TheLocShorty @TheKrisReid *     *     #KeepItSocial Peace Of Mind, L.L.C.: Youtube: IG: @Your_PeaceOfMind    @PeaceOfMindWithTSK Peace Of Mind, L.L.C.  Twitter: @KeepSmilingPom     Email address:  --- Send in a voice message: htt