Peace Of Mind

Minding My Music: Clay Hodges



Heeeeeeey Peace Makers,  This episode Minding My Music is for musicians, producers and any other professions in the music industry can speak on their journey and how it brings them a peace of mind. The very first episode is about my friend, Clay Hodges. Clay is a Savannah, GA native who got his start in music in middle school. Hodges being shy and quiet about his dreams, didn’t think that others would take him serious because of his scholarly academics. While both of Clay’s parents are in the music industry they knew the trials and tribulations of being a musician so they told Clay to be more realistic (like most parents who were born before Millennials). As his desire grew more deep Clay started to take matters into his own hands and start his musical journey. Today Clay uses his holistic approach to music making songs that are relatable to his fans and current events that are going on in the world. His debut album “Mary’s Lamb” will be dropping soon! #KeepItSocial iTunes: