Wathnail Rovers

Roman Heartache



Love can strike in the most unlikely of circumstances, and so it was for Wathnail Rovers acting club chairman Brian Buttle when on a recent business trip to the Italian Dolomites. Brian went to Italy with the sole intention of securing the return of former club manager Luigi Lambrini, little did he expect that what he’d actually find was love.....amoure. A chance overnight stay in the Hotel Pirlo situated adjacent to the town piazza is where he met her, Isadora, a woman who was to re-light the flame within him, a flame he’d imagined long extinguished. Brian returned home completely smitten and with a steely determination that he and his new love should start a new life together. However there was one major obstacle to his dream in the formidable shape of Mrs Buttle. A divorce would be messy and ultimately he knew very costly for him, but he had to do something, he couldn’t just let her go. Lambrini Returns! Good cheer for all Wathnail fans, OK so it’s not actually Luigi who is coming back to Rovers as club ma