Wathnail Rovers

David Beckham visits Wathnail



The Beckham’s visit to Wathnail was the biggest thing that has happened to this club since that fateful moment when in the dying minutes of the 1969 season Bobby Slade slipped the ball past Villa goalie John Dunn to secure promotion to the old first division. That was without doubt the happiest moment of my life, but this, this visit from not just one superstar but two, almost, almost, equalled it. What a pleasure to see David and Victoria and their young son Romeo (well not so much the lad if I’m honest). David naturally arrived in the style you’d expect of him, no Premiership Aston rep-mobile Martin for David, no, he roll’s up in a 55 Studebaker convertible, midnight blue with white wall tyres. The both of them, they have that ability to show off wealth with effortless ease, how it should be done (unlike Alan Sugar and his pimp-mobile Rolls, they are like royalty in that respect, never vulgar, always classy. Now the whole town realises full well that they would never have come here apart from the TV...