Wathnail Rovers

Match Fixing



Match fixing A couple of years back Wathnail became embroiled in a spurious match fixing scandal involving a heavy defeat we suffered in a First Round FA cup match. The team had been drawn against non-league opposition and the game became the focus of some large and irregular betting, particularly in the Far East. Alarm bells began to ring when we were hammered 5-0 at home by Ramsbottom United and our own Brian Buttle was summoned to Lancaster Gate to appear before a hastily convened panel. Whilst it was true that it was a heavy and humiliating defeat, we were in fact totally exonerated by the FA. It appears that the Yorkshire posts celebrated investigative journalist Roger Spittle MBE had jumped the gun somewhat and his sources proved far less reliable than he had thought. Wathnail Rovers football club has complete confidence in its Chairman Brian Buttle, a man of integrity and impeccable credentials. We completely and utterly refute any suggestion that our club were ever involved in anything shady and... &