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Soccer Club Mascots



Soccer Club Mascots, the growth in this kind of ‘twee’ commercialism comes originally from the USA whereby because of the long periods of inactivity during an American football game some other forms of entertainment were incorporated, hence PomPom girls and it is no coincidence that mascots arrived en masse at the same time as the formation of the Premier league and introduction of pay per view TV. They’re part of the shift away from football as a working class, working man's game in favour of the more affluent middle classes, part of the changing the nature of the game to a mass family appeal. Without the middle classes willing to pay ever higher ticket prices and viewing packages clubs could not afford players from all around the World, their transfer fees, their wages. Now as you well know, I am no socialist, I’m staunch Conservative (I know which side my bread is buttered on). However, I’m Conservative to the point of being a traditionalist, I don’t wish to see distractions to a game, I preferred a...