Seen And Heard In Edmonton

Episode 70: Taproot Live



I had the pleasure of moderating a discussion about urban planning wishes at a live event put on by Taproot Edmonton, my other adventure in building a future for local media, which I've been working on for the past year with Mack Male. It was an interesting discussion on a profoundly local topic, so I figured it might also be of interest to listeners of Seen and Heard in Edmonton. Here you go. This episode is also available in Apple Podcasts, on Google Play, on SoundCloud or on Stitcher. For more on Ryan Stephens's urban planning wish and planner Erik Backstrom's commentary, read the Taproot recap: 'High Line' on the High Level. For more on Michelle Taylor's urban planning wish and architect Shafraaz Kaba's commentary, read the Taproot recap: 'Nature-bombing' Jasper Avenue. If this makes you want to join Taproot, we'd love to have you! Sign up here. Our next regular Edmonton Podcasting Meetup will be held on July 30 at Variant Edition Comics & Culture. It will be on the topic of growing a fandom, and we'll be