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Episode 69: Amy and Scott Fralick



Meet Scott and Amy Fralick, the smart and creative couple who are chronicling their adventure with pregnancy later in life on their new podcast, 40 & Knocked Up!  You may know them as two-thirds of The Frolics, a surf-punk band that started in Nashville and is now part of Edmonton's music scene. You may also know Scott as a broadcast journalist who is now at CITY-TV. But they are also parents who decided after 40 that they wanted to have another child. It has not been easy, and they had trouble finding useful and non-boring resources, so they're making them themselves: Amy is writing a book, and the two of them are making this podcast. In this episode, you'll hear about how an epiphany at NorthwestFest's LunchPods series led to the creation of the podcast; the therapeutic value of talking through a difficult experience, even if there's a microphone in front of you; how the Internet has changed everything for both music and journalism; the story of the podcast's infectious theme song; how to make an interestin