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Suicide Education and Awareness with Kim Bryan



This interview was done out of studio with Kim Bryan, Executive Director of Rattle the Stars. She started this organization after losing her son to suicide to bring awareness and education to families and prevent other families from experiencing the trauma her family has faced. Using her education in Sociology, Kim has dedicated her time and energy to uplifting the community in central Illinois. During our talk Kim shares that suicide is the second leading cause of death in children, just behind accidental deaths. With suicide taking more lives than cancer and homicide in children, why do those issues get more awareness and funding than suicide education? We talk about the issues and we talk about compassion and care. Kim will teach you how to support children and adults who may be thinking about suicide. I also open up about my bout with suicidal thoughts while dealing with PTSD. As a survivor, I know that current suicide support isn't working, and I can tell you that what Kim is doing is exactly what our