Back To School With Crystal Bergfield

Let's Talk About the Federal Reserve with Author and Hanged Man, A.M. Pfeffer



Welcome back. I had a great conversation with author and Hanged Man, A.M. Pfeffer. We had a frank discussion about the Federal Reserve and other cogs in our wheel that make our lives go round. Like many hanged men, A.M. Pfeffer has a diverse background, including Mortgage Broker and Lender during our housing crisis and national recession. A.M. took the time to study his own contradictions as well as those in our American financial systems, a long with a few others he talks about in his new book, "Of, By and For the Hanged Man". Together, A.M. and I bring our critical eyes to the Federal Reserve. More questions than answers, it's always great to have truth seekers join me in the Treehouse. Find A.M. Pfeffer and his new book hereFind more learning with Crystal here See for privacy and opt-out information.