Back To School With Crystal Bergfield

Beyond the Arguments, Toward Solutions



I always love week four of the month. This week I take a walk through blame, talk about Tax Solutions and somehow end up painting dicks on houses. It seems Americans get off on blaming or demonizing one another. We literally can't agree to disagree in this social media culture. Yikes! And where does it get us? Not anywhere near the truth or stewardship of our tax system, or democracy to be blunt about it. Solutions in this episode are less policy related and more focused on how responsible stewards of our country should be tackling the issues of a complex tax system, misuse of our tax dollars, and blame to be had on both sides of any one issue. If it were the military, We'd cite them for dereliction of duty. This one is a bit preachy because sometimes, mama's gotta spit truth. Engage, think about it and talk about it. These episodes are here to spark thought and questioning the world around us. We are taught a few things in life, but mostly, we are taught to accept things as they are. Every week, I will ask y