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Interview with Lorra Brown, Tax Expert



Hey friends. Welcome to another episode. In this episode, I interview Lorra Brown, the CEO of LBE Consulting, LLC. We discussed her personal passion to educate financial literacy. She covered filing statuses, tax credits, deductions, and debunked myths about taxes. No, your dogs are not dependents. I cracked up, but apparently people try this. Lorra also invites us to do our homework! Listen in and share your questions or thoughts. Lorra is a multi-faceted business strategist that works with a plethora of clients around the country. She provides accounting services and business consulting to a diverse bed of self-employed professionals. Lorra is a Certified Public Accountant that has been honored by several organizations for her hard work in the community. Recently, Lorra has been ranked by ECA Accounting as one of the Top 100 Accountants to follow. She obtained her start in financial services working at JP Morgan Chase and she also served as CFO for Dr. Tony Evans and has several years of experience working