Back To School With Crystal Bergfield

Interview with Dr. Tori Rerick



I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Tori Rerick for this episode. We were out of studio for this episode and I can assure you that the child in the background was being supervised by another adult. ;-)For this week's story-telling, I wanted to highlight the need for paid maternity leave. Did you know that over 50 countries, ones doing quite well financially, have over 6 months of paid maternity leave? So many reasons why this is a good idea. But, every good idea must be supported by the people to gain any foothold in politics. What do you think? Do we need it?Also, check out my Patreon page. This podcast is part of the curriculum, so check in there to get the rest of it!Links to find Tori Rerick and join her on her journey. She is an empowered woman, empowering others around her. If you need empowerment, check her out!Website: tidytor.comInstagram: Hour Podcast:'s Cannabis Podcast: http://ww