Soulfully Awakened

E110: Plant Medicine and Plant Ceremony with Guest Dani Wild



Have you ever wondered what goes on at an ayahuasca ceremony? How  ayahuasca feels in the body? How to work with plant medicine? Then stick around because this episode is for you.  Together my guest, my dear friend, and soul sister, Dani Wild,  dance in and out of conversation around our experiences in working with plant medicine, sacred ceremony, and honoring the consciousness of plants/nature.   Dani has sat in ceremony with different plant medicines over 20 times and she shares how different moments of sitting with plant medicine has helped her heal herself on her path.   Dani believes that there is power in storytelling, movement through dance and yoga.  She is a Reiki Master, Energy Alchemist, and a Cosmic and Earth Channel.  She is here to activate the Sacred Feminine within us all and to help us remember our own unique mission as well. As always, we are sharing from our own experiential lens and are not doctors. We are sharing our own personal journeys in working with plant medicine.  Take what re